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Terms of use

Terms of use

1. Introduction: Your visit to our website is necessarily governed by the following terms, which you need to read for your best service and convenience, either before making a transaction through our website, or for its simple use - browsing it as a Guest. Any order of products through this website or its use in any way or simply browsing, it means the unconditional acceptance by the Customer and the Visitor of these terms, which will govern such transaction-use-visit. The non-acceptance of these terms implies the impossibility of ordering through this website, the obligation not to use the services of this online store, as well as the obligation of the Visitor to stop browsing our website.

In addition to the following terms and conditions, we point out that transactions through this website are governed by Greek and Community law, including in particular the legislation on electronic (distance) transactions (Law 2251/1994, Directive 2011/83 / EU of the European Parliament and of the Council of 25/10/2011, PD 131/2003, Ministerial Decision 31619 House of 15 / 22.3.2017 "Consumer Code of Ethics for E-Commerce", which you can see in the relevant link}, available on this website).

2. Company Details: Our store belongs to the general company with the name "FRANTZIS OE", which has a number G.E.M.I. 121754138000, Α.Φ.Μ. 800423545 and object sanitary ware and tiles, based in Marpissa Paros Cyclades, T.K. 84400, e-mail: frantzisoe@gmail.com, tel. 22840-28697, office: Neo Faliro, Attica, Fokeas street no. 2, tel. 210-2400104, fax (fax) 210-2449584, e-mail: info@frantzisoe.gr, while our email address is www.frantzisoe.gr. Representatives of the company are Mr. Nikolaos Frantzis and Mrs. Alexandra Frantzis.

3. How to order and payment of transactionsOrders can be placed in our online store either by sending an e-mail to the above mentioned addresses, or by sending a fax to the above mentioned telephone number.

Confirmation of the Customer's order takes place from our store either by sending him a confirmation message via e-mail (fax) or fax (fax), depending on the way in which the order was placed. Following this confirmation, it will be considered that the relevant contract has been drawn up between the Customer and our store.

Every order, which is carried out through this website implies the obligation of payment by the Customer of the price of the ordered goods. The Customer prepays the price, for which various payment methods are provided (by debiting a bank account or by debiting a credit / debit card or by sending a postal check), pay on delivery.

The prices of the goods, which are mentioned on our website, always include the Value Added Tax (VAT). The prices of the products mentioned on the website are subject to change at any time, at the free discretion of the store, any change, however, in no case will occupy already placed orders. In addition to the price, there is an additional charge for the cost of transport, which (charge) is as follows: in case of shipping with a courier company (courier) ……… 4 € …………… ..

It is also noted that in case the Customer chooses to pay by cash on delivery the cost is charged with… two… euros (… 2… €)

4.Return Policy: Our store takes care of the excellent quality of its products. However, in the unlikely event that a ordered product has defects, we undertake the repair or replacement (as the case may be) of the product, which is returned to us free of charge to the Customer. In this case, the return should take place after prior consultation with our store, which will indicate the most convenient way of return.

In any case, it is pointed out that in case of a defective product our store is liable, which is provided by articles 534 et seq. of the Civil Code.

The defect of the product should of course be manufacturing and should not be due to incorrect packaging or incorrect installation or any mishandling by the Customer, while our store is not responsible in case the specifications, which were given to us by the Customer with his order, are incorrect.

The material shown in the photos on this website may be slightly different from the products for sale, which is not a defect.

5. Change order policyThe Customer has the right to request (by fax or e-mail) without specific reason and within ten (10) days from the receipt of the purchased product, its change with another product or products, up to the value of the price paid. In this case the cost of returning the product is borne by the Customer, while a price difference is not refundable. A necessary condition for the exercise of the above option is that the returned product or products are in excellent condition, just as they were delivered to the Customer.

6. Details regarding the delivery of goods: Our store takes care of the fastest possible delivery of the ordered products, the time of which is proportional to the place of delivery. Our store provides information on the availability of each product displayed or mentioned on our website, some of which, however, may not be temporarily available, either due to stock depletion or for reasons related to their supplier. In this case, a reasonable period of time may be required for the supply of these products from our store and their delivery to the ordering customer.

Until the delivery of the products to the Customer, our store bears full responsibility for any loss or damage. This liability does not apply, however, in the event that the Customer chooses his own carrier or a third party for the delivery and receipt of the ordered.

For the delivery of the goods, our store uses the same means, while it also cooperates with a courier company.

7. Cancel and Withdraw order policy: The Customer has the right at any time before the product is sent to him to proceed without compensation and without any reason at all at the cancellation of his order, with a relevant written statement of withdrawal [the model of which is attached to the relevant link], which takes place either by shipment fax or e-mail.

In this case, all the money of the Customer is returned from our store to the Customer no later than fourteen (14) days from the cancellation of the order, without any charge and using the same means of payment, which were used by the Customer, unless the latter indicates otherwise, but no less convenient for the store.

The Customer also has the right to withdraw from the contract within fourteen (14) days from the delivery to him (or to a third authorized person, acting on his behalf), without any reason at all. In this case, however, the Customer is charged with the cost of returning the goods to our store, which must take place within (14) days of the withdrawal statement and is carried out by courier of the Customer's choice.

The money paid by the Customer for the purchase price is returned to him from our store no later than (14) days from the withdrawal statement, without any charge and using the same means of payment, which were used by the Customer, unless the latter indicates otherwise, but no less convenient for the store.

Return of goods are not accepted when they have been irreparably damaged. In case the damage is not irreparable, the Customer is responsible for reducing the value of the products.

8.Privacy PolicyThe browsing of this website is free and without any registration of the identity and the data of the Visitor. It is pointed out that our website uses cookies as an absolutely necessary means for its proper operation and for the better service of the Visitors and Customers. Cookies do not cause damage to the computers of users-visitors, nor to the files stored on them, whilst it is not possible to record through them the identity of the Visitors of the website.

It is pointed out that it is not technologically possible to continue using this website without the acceptance of cooikies by the user-visitor.

The purchase of products through our website necessarily implies your consent, as a contractual obligation, in the collection of personal data absolutely necessary for the service of your order, which you yourself provide to us and the processing of these by our company, exclusively and only for the above purpose, ie the service and shipment of your order, which otherwise will not be possible.The transaction through our online store and the provision of personal data is at the same time a statement of the Customer about the unconditional approval and acceptance of their use by us for its service and the realization of the transaction, as well as a statement about the truth of their data. These personal data are the following: 

  • Name, 
  • Address of residence or place of work, 
  • Contact telephone (landline or mobile), 
  • E-mail address (optional) 
  • And tax registration number and D.O.Y. to which you belong (the last two items only in case of tradesmen for the issuance of an invoice)

Responsible for the processing of personal data is Nikolaos Frantzis, tel. 2284028697.

These data are kept confidential and are not disclosed in any way to third parties, except in cases where by law, common sense and good faith this is necessary for the implementation of the order (such as the provision of the name, telephone number and home address of the Customer to the carrier, who will deliver the product). Customers' personal data are not retained by our store after the completion of the transaction and the mutual fulfillment of the obligations of the parties, unless their preservation is required for tax reasons (such as in a transaction with traders) and for the period required tax legislation. However, the Customer, if they wishe, can allow them to be retained in order to facilitate their service in a future transaction or to send them informative messages about our products.For this purpose, your registration in the clientele of our company is required, through our website, in which case your registration implies your consent for the preservation and processing of your data. The non-determination on your part of the retention period (possibility which is given to you through a special link on our website) means that this will be for an indefinite period of time. However, your consent to the retention and processing of your personal data may be revoked by you at any time and without any conditions.

In any case, the matters concerning the protection of the personal data of the Customers are governed by the provisions of Law 4624/2019 and the General Regulation of Personal Data (G.K.P.D.-GDPR), from which derive specific rights for the Customer, some of which we mention here as an example, such as: the right to request access to any of your protected personal data, to obtain a copy of it in a format commonly used and machine-readable, to transfer it directly to a third party controller, to confirm whether it is being processed (and its purposes) or not , to oppose any processing or to request its restriction, as well as for their correction or deletion, in accordance with the provisions of articles 15, 16, 17, 18, 20 and 21 of the G.K.P.D., as well as articles 53 et seq. Law 4624/2019.Deletion takes place provided that the retention of personal data and their further processing is not required by other legal provisions (such as tax legislation)..

The above rights are exercised either by a written application, sent by post or fax, or by sending an e-mail and without any charge to you in all cases, except the exercise of the right to receive a copy of any from our personal data company, which is charged with the corresponding postage fee, which is paid by the applicant, in case the sending by electronic means is not selected (eg e-mail).

We point out that you have the right to file a complaint to a competent supervisory authority (for Greece: Personal Data Protection Authority, 1-3 Kifissias, PC 11523, Athens, to which you can contact either in writing or electronically on its website: www .dpa.gr), in case you consider that the legislation on personal data has been violated.

9.Security of transactions, customer-store communication and visit to the website and limitation of store liability: Our store makes use of the appropriate technological processes and means, as well as the appropriate programs against viruses and malware both for the purpose of maximum protection of the confidential personal data of the Customers, in order to ensure that they will not be accessed by third parties and spying on them, as well as for the safest possible browsing of our website. However, our store bears absolutely no responsibility for the case of interventions, organized attacks (hacking) and similar malicious actions of third parties, as well as for any negative and harmful consequences (of any kind) to Visitors of our site from access and browsing our website, which will be due to the above reasons, as well as a reason related to its general operation and the information available from it.

Also, we do not bear any responsibility, of any nature for the continuous and error-free operation of the website.

 10. Resolving DisputesCustomer can submit any complaint, for any reason, to the store by fax (fax) or e-mail (e-mail), and in such a case we will contact you directly to resolve any issue, having as primary purpose our immediate and bona fide examination of any complaint and its out-of-court settlement.

Out-of-court settlement of any dispute can take place with the appeal of the Customer to a Consumer Dispute Resolution Committee, which operates in each General District (former Prefecture) or to the Consumer Ombudsman, as well as to any alternative consumer dispute resolution body, which is registered in the relevant Register in accordance with the Joint Ministerial Decision (Finance, Justice) 70330/2015, as well as electronically, by submitting a complaint to the EU platform for the electronic settlement of consumer disputes (ADR platform), via a link, which you will find on this website.

In case a Customer wishes to apply to an out-of-court alternative consumer dispute resolution body, our store undertakes to follow -before any other way- this procedure.

11. Copyrights: The copyrights of the photographic material, the logos and all the material in general, that exists on this website, belongs to our store or has been licensed by its owners. Therefore, it is not allowed to copy, reproduce or in any way use and exploit this material and all content of the website by third parties without prior written permission.

12.Links and social mediaTo better serve our customers, this website refers to third party websites and websites and social media (such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram). These links are provided solely for the service and convenience of the Customer. Our store has absolutely nothing to do with the management of these third-party media and their websites, nor the ability to control them and, therefore, the terms of use of the operator of these media-websites apply, while our store is not responsible for the comments and all kinds of posts on them by third parties-users, which also does not control, nor the reference to the relevant websites means the approval or acceptance in any way of their content, with which also our store does not has absolutely nothing to do with it. Finally, it goes without saying that our store has no responsibility for safe from viruses or other similar risks browsing the above websites.

13. Τροποποίηση των όρων χρήσεως:

The terms of use of this website may be modified at any time and at the free discretion of our store, if deemed necessary, always -however- in accordance with applicable law. Any change will be notified immediately on this website, while any changes in no case will occupy transactions for which orders have already been placed.